Overview of the Top cool motorcycle helmets 2017

Everybody knows that a motorcycle helmet is very important for a rider’s safety and protection. There are motorcycle riders who prefer simple motorcycle helmets, while there are also those who would love to have cool motorcycle helmets with the best design and features. Whatever type of motorcycle helmet you want, always remember that you need to aim at the same things. That is the comfort of wearing it and the safety that you get from it.

Motorcycle Helmet Features

When it comes to a motorcycle helmet, you have all the options available on the market. So, can you actually point out the one that you need the first time you see it? It is easy to point out without considering the features and functions of the motorcycle helmet, but it is necessary for you to have a closer and deeper look at these motorcycle helmets.

When you are considering the comfort of wearing this motorcycle helmet, then you have to consider some essential factors. First, check the weight of the motorcycle helmet. If it is heavy for you, then it is not cool. You better get a lightweight motorcycle helmet with high quality materials, so that you will not feel much burden carrying it and you will feel more relaxed. Go for a motorcycle helmet that fits the size and shape of your head. You can do that by fitting it and trying it on before buying it.

You must also consider the ventilation, especially if you are up to a full-face or open-face type of motorcycle helmet. Air ventilation is important. Make sure that there is a removable and washable interior padding and lining.

For the materials used, you may check if the motorcycle helmet is made out of plastic, fiberglass and Kevlar of high quality.

There are also other features available for motorcycle helmets that are said to be cool. You may also look out for features, such as dual visor and Bluetooth technology.

Reviews of the Top cool motorcycle helmets 2016

For you to have an idea about the top cool motorcycle helmets 2016, we have here brief reviews for you to consider. This list of cool motorcycle helmets is cool enough for your daily use. With these top cool motorcycle helmets 2016, you will surely enjoy traveling.

One of the options for you to check out is the BILTs Techno Bluetooth Full-face motorcycle helmet. What makes it on top is its dual visor system with a retractable inner visor, and a Bluetooth enabled type of motorcycle helmet. Enjoy the wireless connection with a hands-free function to communicate with your family or friends and listen to your favorite music synchronized from your compatible smartphone. It is also featured with an intercom, so you may communicate with other motorcycle riders using the same models. It is made of a polycarbonate shell. This motorcycle helmet is designed with attractive and stylish colors, such as matte black, day glow, black and silver. It is approved by the DOT.

We also have the O’Neal Commander or the O’Neal Bluetooth helmet. It is designed with a great combination of looks and features. It weighs 5.4 pounds. It has a removable and washable liner that is made of Suede, a unique shield that has anti-scratch and anti-fog features. It also comes with Bluetooth technology with a talk time of up to 10 hours and stereo speakers. Not to worry about your incoming calls while playing music because the music will be cut off for you to receive or reject a call. It is approved by the DOT and ECE.

For the last option, check out the HJC’s helmet IS-Max BT, which is designed modernly with Bluetooth technology. It weighs 3 pounds. This cool motorcycle helmet makes use of CAD technology and an EPS liner for a comfortable fit. It has a face shield that comes with a UV protection, great sun visor, superb ventilation and an anti-scratch feature. It also has a removable and washable interior. It is approved by the DOT.

Those are the brief reviews of the top cool motorcycle helmets 2016. By now, you probably have an idea about the type of cool motorcycle helmet that you would like to buy. May these reviews serve as a basis for your best choice.

Ken Nguyen is a motorcycle rider and he loves putting on gadgets. He had been riding a long time and it took him a hard time to get gadgets and accessories for his ride. He had been to different shops and asked advices from various professional riders just to find out what is the best gadget to use. After his long search, he had great choices to share with other motorcycle riders out there.

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